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Welcome to our website.  This site is a free and open forum for the sharing of ideas on issues of social relevance.  This site is dedicated to the cause of freedom and the maintenance of that freedom despite our government's best efforts to diminish it.  This website is also a celebration of our constitution, the first of its kind in all the world and to this day the document that continues to stand as the promise of this nation's founders as the guarantee that each of us has a right to raise our voice and to make it be heard.  

Please take a moment to sign up and participate in our forums and comment on articles and blogs.  We want to hear what you have to say regardless of whether it be in favor or in criticism.  Every voice shared can serve to make us all better understood to one another. 

If politics and social issues are a new concern for you and if you have never had the opportunity or a reason to in the past, we encourage you RIGHT NOW, to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  You will find links to these most important of documents on the left hand side of this page. 

Much of this site is still under construction as we work to add more and more resources and outlets for all of our visitors to share their views.  Thank you for visiting us and we hope to hear from you soon and often!

If you would like to help support this website please consider making a small donation.  We will do our best to continue to bring you a place where you can comment and share your ideas with all of us in a no holds barred forum on our society and our situation.  Please click the donate button below, we appreciate each and every penny!  


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 Made In America!

We hardly make anything here in America anymore including OUR FLAG!  If you want to show your patriotism by displaying an American flag, give that flag a look first and make sure it isn't made in communist China!  How and why it ever came to be that we began IMPORTING the symbol of our nation is beyond my ability to reason.

Patriotism is not an import!

american made flags, no flags in china

Discontent in a Nutshell: War Songs

Warsongs is a collection of poetry that was written over a period of some ten years. The poems run the gambit from being viciously caustic to reflective and serene.  I am inspired by struggle and conflict and find that the hardest times in life are often the best times in life in that they forge relationships and establish bonds of brotherhood between us.

The book is 42, full color pages with original artwork serving as the background to each poem.  The book is available on both Amazon and though I post the link to lulu because it is the same price but the actual printed book is of better quality.  For $16.00 you get a full color book and I get $2.96 to put toward keeping this website going!  It is also available as a digital download for only $4.00.

I absolutely welcome your feedback on the book and hope to have some more material out soon.  If you have a book, DVD, CD or other work that is available for sale somewhere on the web let me know and I will happily place a promotion here for you.  

Thank you,
Tom Fox



Our Foundations

There is nothing more important on this website than the documents below.  These are the foundations of our freedom and the promise that each and every one of us shall always have a voice.  Click the links to view transcripts of each document taken directly from the national archives.

The Obama Deception

The Obama Deception

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